Equine Ultrasound Machine Sales

Product Group International’s equine ultrasound machines are all specified and tested to perform: Basic Pregnancy Detection (10-12 days on), Uterine Pathology, Ovarian Anatomy, Fetal Sexing, Guttaral Pouch, Lung Fluid, Musculo-Skeletal (Tendon, Muscle, Spinal), Cardiac, Abdominal (Kidney, cecocolic orofice, intestinal) and eye. Equine Ultrasound Guided Biopsy. Note: some procedures require different probes and techniques. Call (800) 336-5299 toll free US/Canada (303) 823-6330 office direct/Int’l to inquire about any equine ultrasound machine that you don’t see here.

The following ultrasound machines are optimum for equine ultrasound procedures:

Honda HS-102V

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