Canine Ultrasound Equipment

PGI’s canine ultrasound machines are all specified and tested to perform: Abdominal and Cardiac procedures to include but not limited to: Reproductive Work (Pregnancy check, fetal health), Abdominal Evaluation (stomach, intestine, spleen, liver, kidney, bladder, lymph nodes, etc.), Cardiac function (Output, Efficiency, VSD, Fluid, etc.), canine Ultrasound Guided Biopsy and Cystocentesis.

Note: some procedures require different probes and techniques. We carry new and used canine ultrasound systems. Call (800) 336-5299 toll free US/Canada (303) 823-6330 office direct/Int’l to inquire about any canine ultrasound machine that you would like us to find for you.

The following ultrasound machines are optimum for canine ultrasound procedures:

Honda HS-1600V

Honda HS-2200V Ultrasound Machine

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