Bovine Ultrasound Equipment

PGI’s bovine ultrasound machines are all specified and tested to perform: Basic Pregnancy Detection (28 days on), Uterine Pathology (pyometra, adhesions, fluid), Ovarian Anatomy (CH, CL, Folicle size/health), Fetal Sexing (60-90 days), Mastitis, bovine Ultrasound Guided Biopsy; Additionally, OPU (Ovum Pick-up) can be performed with special probe on certain models only. We carry new and used bovine ultrasound equipment. Call (800) 336-5299 toll free US/Canada (303) 823-6330 office direct/Int’l to inquire about and bovine ultrasound machines that you don’t see here.
The following ultrasound machines are optimum for bovine ultrasound procedures:

Honda HS-102V

Honda HS-1600V

Honda HS-2200V Ultrasound Machine

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