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pgi-shopping-cart-imageVisit our online ultrasound supplies store, where you wil be able to buy a variety of ultrasound supplies and accessories, including:

Gels • Needles • Tables/Carts • Printer Paper •
• More! •

Mindray Ultrasound Systems

M9 Advanced 1
Explore our Selection of Mindray Portable Ultrasound Systems

Honda Ultrasound

Honda HS 101-V sm
Please browse our Honda Veterinary Ultrasound Machines

Proud Sponsors of the NAVC Institute Vet Ultrasound Training Lab

Heifer Handle FAD II

Save Money and Radically Improve Egg Collection Rates with the FAD II:

Increased numbers of harvested embryos • Up to three times more offspring from your elite females • Use OPU on pregnant & non-pregnant donors

One Handed Biopsy Needles

We are the number one supplier of one handed veterinary biopsy needles in North America. You can order your biopsy needles here.

Our most requested needle is the EZ-Core Biopsy needle.

Veterinary Ultrasound Accessories

In addition to portable veterinary ultrasound machines, PGI has accessories for ultrasound such as biopsy needles, transmission gel, standoff pads, exam carts, carrying cases, ultrasound transducers, monitors, thermal printers and paper, and medical grade VCRs, and other supplies.

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